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 When I'm Sixty-Four...
"Will you still need me?" and "Will you still feed me?" seemed like humorous questions when Paul McCartney first asked them. Upon actually reaching the age of sixty-four, however, they take on a new relevance.  LIFESTYLE
 Wii fit. U fit?
Something amazing has happened in the past few weeks: I got back into a regular daily exercise routine -- and I love it! We had planned on getting the new Wii Fit balance board and software when it first came out, but had never quite gotten around to it. And then a recent hospital stay convinced me that regular exercise might help prepare me for the likely health challenges of the next few decades. After all, aging is not for the faint of heart -- a concept which is literally true for me and many others.  WHAT ARE WE READING NOW?
 Classics or beach books? Thrillers or chick flick lit?
People send us books to review and we are always stumbling across new favorites at the local library, too. Current books of interest include:
  • Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes - The best novel of the Vietnam war to be published in a long, long time!
  • Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb - A 1987 classic, republished in 2010 after the success of the movie.
  • Retirement Can Be Murder by Susan Santangelo - A baby boomer mystery, with gentle gender bashing; i.e., "Every wife has a story..."

  • Old Dogs by Mickey Carroll - "Old dogs can be fun to have around..."
  • Greatest Hits by Side B - No, the hit records were not theirs, however it's a phenomenal collection!
 Brain Power: Use It or Lose It!
Boomernet is dedicated to helping Baby Boomers age gracefully and have fun doing it! According to recent research, the best way to prolong good health and mental fitness is to -- who'd have guessed it? -- eat healthy and not only exercise your body, but also your brain.
 Classic TV on DVD
Watch classic TV from the entire Boomer era, as more and more old shows become available on DVD. From "The Lone Ranger" to "All In The Family" and from "Bonanza" to "Hill Street Blues", they're all here: Cable & Foreign TV
Tired of reality shows and reruns? Check out some shows you may have missed: Other Boomer Classics
You don't have to be a couch potato, of course, to enjoy Boomer Classics. There are many offline choices other than TV here, too. Books, movies, and music all play important roles in building a generation:
 Shirts, Caps and More
Boomers have long used their clothing to make statements to the world around them, whether tie-dyed or buttoned-down. Now that comfort often trumps conformity, it's time to make new statements! Check out all the styles just waiting for you:
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 LP Records, 45's and More
eBay Logo We operate the BOOOMERNET Store as eBay Seller: boomernet. It's a place to find long-lost LP records, 45's, and other items of interest. Items change frequently, so visit often!
 Fantasy CD
So what are we listening to, here at BOOMERNET? Check out our Fantasy CD of the week, a playlist sure to bring back memories and maybe even introduce you to some "new" old favorites, too. This week we are featuring:

Have you been visiting BOOMERNET since 1995? Can't find some of your "old favorite" features? Never fear, many of them are still here!

Although not highlighted on the next generation home page, many other resource lists or interest areas are still part of BOOMERNET. Be sure to see:
 Sample Year

According to popular definition, the last of the Baby Boomers is born in 1964. At the same time, many of the oldest Boomers are heading off to college. The Beatles lead the British invasion of America, while the new Johnson administration explores expanding our military role in Vietnam. Important legislation includes the Civil Rights Act and the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, both turning points in American history.

The cost of gas increases to $0.30 per gallon, but Americans are more interested in going to the movies to see "My Fair Lady" and "Mary Poppins" or staying home to watch "Bonanza" or the "Dick Van Dyke Show".

 Hits of 1960 - 1964
Top 40

In the early '60's, the AM airwaves became dominated by the driving rhythyms of Detroit's Motown sound, by the polished stylings from the Brill Building scene in Manhattan, and by Phil Spector's L.A.-based derivative, the Wall of Sound.

Song-writing teams like Holland - Dozier - Holland in Detroit and Goffin & King or Barry & Greenwich in New York churned out hit after hit. Their success later paled, however, beside that of Liverpool's Lennon & McCartney. When the Beatles began the British Invasion of America at the end of 1963, popular music would never be the same.

You know you are a true Baby Boomer if you can pass the...
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"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day, when it's cold outside I've got the month of May"

-- from "My Girl" by The Temptations
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