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"One Hundred Greatest" Box Set

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Shout! Factory is proud to present the 100 Greatest 5-disc CD box set available September 23, 2008. Celebrating some of the greatest moments in modern history, the set includes the 100 greatest speeches, news stories, personalities, scandals, and sports moments. The single discs are also available for purchase by genre (Speeches, News Stories, Personalities, Scandals, and Sports Moments).

Produced by David McLees and Gordon Skene, the set includes speeches ranging from Grover Cleveland in 1893 and FDR’s Day Of Infamy speech in 1941 to Barack Obama in 2008. Among the news stories here are 3 Mile Island in 1979, the JFK Assassination in 1963, and the Berlin Wall falling in 1989. The 100 Greatest Scandals disc covers Frank Sinatra Jr.’s 1963 kidnapping, Nixon’s “Crook” speech in 1973, the Jonestown massacre of 1977, and Abu Ghraib prison in 2003. The Greatest Personalities range from luminaries Jim Morrison and Amelia Earheart to Fidel Castro, William Faulkner, Albert Einstein and Benazir Bhutto. Some of the greatest sports moments remembered are Babe Ruth’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936, Pelé’s World Cup win in 1970, and the Red Sox World Series win of 2004.

Shout! Factory’s 5-CD set titled 100 Greatest celebrates some of the greatest moments in modern history. It is the perfect gift for any pop culture fan, history buff or sports fanatic you know.

This amazing collection will be available September 23, 2008, the perfect gift for college-bound students and, of course, for the holiday season! Be sure to check out 100 Greatest today!

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