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1946 Birth Dates

January 1946 Birth Dates
  3 John Paul Jones From Led Zeppelin
  5 Diane Keaton Academy award winning actress
  6 Syd Barrett From Pink Floyd
  7 Jann Wenner Founder of Rolling Stone magazine
  8 Robby Krieger From the Doors
11 Naomi Judd Country music singer
19 Dolly Parton Country music singer, actress
20 David Lynch American film director
31 Terry Kath From the band Chicago
February 1946 Birth Dates
21 Anthony Daniels British actor, famous for playing C3PO in Star Wars
21 Tyne Daly American actress
21 Alan Rickman Award winning actor
24 Barry Bostwick American actor
March 1946 Birth Dates
  6 David Gilmour From Pink Floyd
12 Liza Minnelli Academy Award, Tony Award and Grammy winner, actress, singer
25 Bonnie Bedelia American actress
April 1946 Birth Dates
  4 Craig T. Nelson American actor
  7 Bill Kreutzman From Grateful Dead
13 Al Green American singer
18 Hayley Mills British actress
19 Tim Curry British actor
22 John Waters American film director/writer
30 King Carl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden
May 1946 Birth Dates
  2 Lesley Gore American singer
  9 Candice Bergen American actress
10 Donovan Scottish singer
18 Reggie Jackson Baseball player
20 Cher American singer
June 1946 Birth Dates
  7 Jenny Jones American talk show host
14 Donald trump Real estate entrepreneur
17 Barry Manilow American singer
July 1946 Birth Dates
  6 George W Bush 43rd President of the United States
  6 Sylvester Stallone American actor and director
10 Sue Lyon American actress (Lolita)
13 Cheech Marin American actor
15 Linda Ronstadt American singer
21 Kenneth Starr American lawyer
22 Danny Glover American actor
August 1946 Birth Dates
19 Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States
20 Connie Chung American TV news anchor
September 1946 Birth Dates
15 Tommy Lee Jones American actor
15 Oliver Stone American film director
October 1946 Birth Dates
  4 Susan Sarandon American actress
10 Ben Vereen Broadway actor
15 Richard Carpenter From the Carpenters
16 Suzanne Somers American actress
22 Deepak Chopra Best-selling author
26 Pat Sajak Wheel of Fortune host
November 1946 Birth Dates
  4 Laura Bush First lady of the United States
  6 Sally Field American actress
December 1946 Birth Dates
12 Patty Duke American actress
16 Benny Andersson From Abba
18 Steven Spielberg Award winning director
25 Jimmy Buffett American author and singer/songwriter
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