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"The Warmth Of The Sun" by the Beach Boys

Click to buy at Amazon.com Reviewed by Terry Cochran

When "Sounds of Summer" was released in 2003, it was billed as "the very best of the Beach Boys." Now comes "The Warmth of the Sun" -- which, by simple logic, is NOT "the very best of the Beach Boys."

The 30 tracks on the earlier collection included almost all of the group's Top 40 hits, making the new collection more like the ultimate B side. There are still a few Top 40 hits here, like "409," "It's OK" and "The Little Girl I Once Knew," but the heart of the new collection belongs to the more melodic ballads that showcase the dreamy, floating nature of the Beach Boys' less rambunctious tracks.

Many songs here still have their trademarked infectious rhythm, carrying you along through the first few tracks of "All Summer Long," "Catch A Wave," "Hawaii" and "Little Honda." But it is the title track of "The Warmth of the Sun," plus other lesser pieces that stick with you when the CD ends.

"Sail On, Sailor" is another better-known ballad, but folks who are not Beach Boys' collectors will be pleasantly surprised by lovely pieces such as "Kiss Me, Baby," "Please Let Me Wonder," "Forever" and "'Til I Die." Not only do you feel the warmth of the sun in these numbers, but you can almost feel yourself floating downstream without a care in the world.

If you're looking for a retrospective of the Beach Boys' greatest hits, then stick with "Sounds of Summer." However, if you want to capture the true range of the group's music over the years, then add this ultimate B side, "The Warmth of the Sun," to your collection today.

Click below to hear samples of each track or to buy MP3 copies of them:

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