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'Stone Of Sisyphus' by Chicago

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Rhino Records has released the “lost” Chicago studio album "Stone of Sisyphus" (XXXII)

In his book "The Greatest Music Never Sold," author Dan Leroy writes about the "Stone Of Sisyphus," the great lost Chicago album. Recorded in 1993 and produced by Peter Wolf, "Sisyphus" became a cult record immediately after Warner Bros. refused to release it because it wasn't the Chicago record that was expected.

Knowing what they had created and not willing to compromise, the band left Warner Bros. and took their album with them. Now, 15 years later, on June 17, 2008 this 11-song album with four bonus tracks is finally available from Rhino Records!

Powered by Chicago's celebrated horn section, the tracks on "Stone Of Sisyphus" have bite, power, swing, and the "fire in the belly" that one generally associates with debut albums. The songs touch on a wide range of styles and moods, including the energetic horn-driven title track, "Stone Of Sisyphus," the cool funk groove of "Mah-Jong," and the anti-corporate rock broadside "Plaid."

"We wrote songs that were more experimental, songs that were more daring in terms of musical direction and chord construction, more than anything," remembers James Pankow, whose innovative horn charts had been an integral part of Chicago's distinctive sound from the start. "We got into really feeling our oats in terms of being the voice of Chicago again. It had been a long time since we had made a record like that."

Looking back, the band members wish they had found a way to release "Stone Of Sisyphus" sooner, but they have intense pride in having stood up for their creative integrity -- a Chicago trademark.

Be sure to check out this latest album here! And for more information on Chicago, you can check out their website.

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