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One Day At A Time One Day At A Time
Playlist by Terry Cochran



1. One Day At A Time - Eagles - COULD NOT FIND
2. Say You Will - Fleetwood Mac
3. Long Dark Night - John Fogerty
4. Wait for Me - Bob Seger - COULD NOT FIND
5. It Could Have Been Anyone - Carole King
6. All My Life - Billy Joel
7. No More Cloudy Days - Eagles
8. The Bridge - Elton John
9. Sorcerer - Stevie Nicks
10. Love Will Come Back - Chicago
11. Fading in and Fading Out - Ringo Starr
12. Sanibel - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
13. Taking You Home - Don Henley
14. Ride the River - Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale
15. Buy Me a Rose - Kenny Rogers w/Allison Krauss & Billy Dean
16. The Reason - Carole King
17. Vintage Clothes - Paul McCartney
18. What Do I Do with My Heart - Eagles
19. Don't You Wish It Was True - John Fogerty
20. I Saw Her Standing There - Jerry Lee Lewis & Little Richard

Notes on the more obscure tracks:

DIY Project:

Yes, kids, you CAN try this at home. You can click on the images in the left margin of the track listings to find CD's for making your own copy of this marvelous Fantasy CD! For even faster results, most of these tracks are also available at Amazon.com as MP3's. You can download them instantly by clicking on the links in the sample player above. Enjoy!

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