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"Revival" by John Fogerty

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John Fogerty reclaims his rightful place among America’s most iconic and revered artists with the forthcoming "Revival". Fogerty’s contribution to popular culture cannot be overstated; his songs have become part of rock’s DNA, the very building blocks upon which much of American rock and roll has been built. As the album title tantalizingly suggests, "Revival" represents a renewed musical spirit and heart from Fogerty that incorporates all the best elements of a career that has resonated deeply with generations of music fans and the thousands of artists that he has influenced.

With a renewed sense of joy shines through on the self-produced Revival. The wistful, infectious opening track “Don’t You Wish It Was True” instantly puts a smile on the listener’s face. “Gunslinger”’s cinematic western-theme evokes vintage-era Creedence, while on the deliciously swampy “Creedence Song,” Fogerty correctly and humorously assesses “You can’t go wrong/if you play a little bit of that Creedence song.”

As a trenchant observer of the world’s troubles, Fogerty weighs in on the current administration on "Revival" with the rollicking, biting “Long Dark Night” and the ‘mission critical’ statement of “I Can’t Take It No More” with its unmistakable admonition “…another fortunate son.”

Buy John Fogerty's "Revival" today at Amazon.com

To listen to samples from "Revival", see below:

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