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"Greatest Hits" by Sly and The Family Stone

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Sly and The Family Stone can be credited as one of the first racially integrated bands in music history, as they belt out their message of peace, love and social consciousness through a string of hit anthems that fused R&B, soul, funk and rock n roll. The music of Sly and the Family Stone never faded away, despite the star's 30-year disappearing act.

With no new studio album shaping up for Sly in the crucial year-end tonnage, the creation of "Greatest Hits" quickly took on a life of its own that fall.

The track choices were virtually pre-ordained – every one of Sly & The Family Stone’s ten sides that made the pop and R&B charts were on the menu, plus “Fun” (from the album "Life") and “You Can Make It If You Try” (from the album "Stand!"), one of the Woodstock favorites. "Greatest Hits" has sold in excess of 5-times RIAA platinum to date, and is listed at #60 on the Rolling Stone Top 500.

Buy Sly & The Family Stone's "Greatest Hits" today at Amazon.com

Click below to hear samples of each track or to buy MP3 copies of them:

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