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Welcome to Version 4 of BOOMERNET. We are still in the Beta-testing stage of development for this particular iteration of the site -- which means that everything might not yet be working exactly as we planned. If you happen to notice something that doesn't quite seem to be functioning correctly, please contact us, so that we can try to fix it. If possible, tell us the page or content block in question and what the problem seems to be, along with the operating system and browser you're using (Windows XP w/IE7 or Mac OS X w/Safari, etc.). That'd be a big help!


BOOMERNET has changed often since 1995, but there have been only four major design or layout schemes in use over the years. See below for a fairly typical progression of website styles as internet usage has evolved.

VERSION 1: From 1995 to 2000, this was a hobby site run by Terry Cochran and used mainly to keep track of items of interest on the web. Before Google or Yahoo, this was a place to find relevant links for Baby Boomers -- thus, the sub-title which we still use, "The Baby Boomers' Surfing Center." Hand-coded in early versions of HTML, these initial efforts were noted in the L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune, and many other mainstream publications.


VERSION 2: When A2 Multimedia LLC was formed in 2000, initial attempts to monetize the site were expanded and it became known as "a service of A2 Multimedia LLC." From 2000 through 2005, the site was still hand-coded in HTML but many different features were tested over time. Some which remain of interest today include special sections on genealogy, on remembering Vietnam, and on classic rock bands which are still on tour.


VERSION 3: In 2005 we celebrated our 10th anniversary online by radically changing the look and feel of the site. Moving to open-source software, we adopted the PostNuke content management system as the underlying architecture. Written in PHP and delivering content via MySQL database tables, this allowed us to greatly expand the kinds of offerings on the site, along with making them both more secure and speedier to deliver. In addition, through use of HTML 4.0 and Cascading Style Sheets, we were able to add many modern features to the site, as expected in the rapidly-changing world of the internet.


VERSION 4: The latest iteration of BOOMERNET, in keeping with updated W3C specifications, aims to use current methods and stylings throughout. While making the move to the ModX content management framework -- still written in PHP and using MySQL database tables -- we have also upgraded our coding to XHTML 1.1 and have advanced to table-less layouts which are purely CSS-driven. Even as we look back at classic items of interest to Boomers, we still plan to keep moving forward and making use of all of the best tools available today. Hope you continue to stick with us, along the way!


Note: Our goal is to have the entire site validate as XHMTL 1.1, with the exception of imported items such as CareerBulder forms and occasional headlines in Google RSS feeds, which are not coded to that standard.

Valid XHTML 1.1

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